Affirmation of Trust

Written by Leslie Stevens, M.Ed., LCMHC


Our brains are hardwired for survival.  That’s why it’s easier for our minds to come up with more negative thoughts than positive thoughts on any given day.  Sometimes without a direction to align our thoughts, they seem to go haywire into a spiral of “what ifs” and personal attacks of “not enoughs.”  I was sitting with the concept of trust as I do with some of my clients and often with myself.  When we have been hurt, traumatized, abused, or taken advantage of, we may find it hard to lean into trusting ourselves and trusting others.  Simultaneously our brains (again built on survival) may be pushing away the concept of trusting another with those “what if” and “not good enough” thoughts.  Here is an affirmation to practice toward greater trust.  Affirm to yourself and affirm out loud.

Affirmations of Trust

I am trusting my inner voice.

I am trusting the path created for me.

I am trusting the Creator of the path.

I am trusting my intuition.

I am trusting my capabilities.

I am trusting those sent to help me.

I am trusting those sent to love me.

I am trusting.

Published by Counseling With Leslie

Leslie Stevens, M.Ed., LCMHC is a North Carolina and Virginia board-certified licensed professional counselor. She co-owns a successful practice in Carrboro, North Carolina. Leslie specializes in helping adults navigate stress, depression, anxiety, and perfectionism. Additionally, she is a life strategist, spiritual coach, and writer.

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