Black Mental Health Matters

Many people call the widespread prevalence of Mental Health issues in America an epidemic, a crisis, and a state of emergency.  I agree.  Everyone feels the gravity of either struggling with mental health issues personally or having close relatives and friends who struggle with mental health issues.  Moreover, the statistics about African American Mental Health,Continue reading “Black Mental Health Matters”


Visualization is a powerful practice that can be used in meditation. Visualization is seeing a picture in your mind’s eye and focusing on it. Like retraining your thinking and your self-talk, intentional visualization helps you rebuild your belief system. For those of us who get stuck in maladaptive thinking patterns and sabotaging self-talk, intentional visualizationContinue reading “Visualization”

Anatomy of an Affirmation

I often encourage my clients to create affirmations. As stated in the previous post Meditation and Affirmations, by using an affirmation, you are speaking of what you want for yourself and what you choose to believe about yourself.  As a therapist who uses cognitive behavioral therapy, we work to create a lot of reframes thatContinue reading “Anatomy of an Affirmation”

Meditation and Affirmations

So, what’s all of the hype about meditation and affirmations? Both are powerful tools to help you on your mental wellness journey! The founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Aaron Beck, identified streams of negative cognitions or automatic thoughts as a source of depression. He helped patients identify and evaluate these automatic thoughts. After workingContinue reading “Meditation and Affirmations”

Psalm 1

One of the most encouraging books in the Bible, is the book of Psalms.  Many of the Psalms were written by people going through difficulties.  When you read them, you can hear the sadness, anguish, frustration, impatience, and pain of their respective experiences.  You can also hear the resolution, surrender, and joy that comes fromContinue reading “Psalm 1”

3 Ways to Work Through Cognitive Dissonance

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary cognitive dissonance is a “psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously.” [1]  This term originally came from Leon Festinger in 1954 and was used to describe the feeling of psychological discomfort produced by the combined presence of two thoughts that are not in agreement with one another.  Further,Continue reading “3 Ways to Work Through Cognitive Dissonance”

5 Ways to Cope With S.A.D.

Do you feel S.A.D.?  Not sad, but S.A.D.  S.A.D. is an acronym for seasonal affective disorder.  The DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) doesn’t identify S.A.D. as an independent diagnosis.  Rather it is a specifier applied to recurrent major depressive disorder.  Therefore, the diagnosis would be Major Depressive Disorder with seasonal pattern.  AccordingContinue reading “5 Ways to Cope With S.A.D.”

I’m A Believer

I am a believer.  I believe there is one and only one living and true God, an infinite Spirit, the Maker and supreme Ruler of Heaven and earth; inexpressibly glorious in holiness, and worthy of all possible honor, confidence and love; that in the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, the Father, theContinue reading “I’m A Believer”