REST Collection 2022 

The REST Collection comes from the deep revelation that I received in 2020.  God moved me into a place that I had never known before.  The process was not beautiful.  On the contrary it was literally and emotionally painful, confusing, and wrought with resistance.  But when I gave up the need to figure out and fix, the resistance dissipated.  What was left was a simply profound and powerful revelation that is continuing to move me deeper into healing. That revelation is to REST.  As I have lived what it means to resist rest and have walked with hundreds of people who also face this same bitter challenge, I offer through the REST Collection reminders to you, my fellow traveler on this journey of life:  That it is your right and your responsibility to reclaim your rest.

May you be free to create, learn, lead, guide, partner, parent, express, love, and live, out of the deep wealth that springs forth from intentional rest.  As I often tell my clients, if you don’t take your rest, the rest will take you.  I bless you to be fully empowered to take the rest that you need and deserve.