I Think I have Burnout!! Now What??

Written by Raquel Nixon, Contributing Writer 1/7/2021 In this day and age, we see productivity as the bare minimum. Whether it is work or school or another sort of extracurricular commitment, it always seems as though we are expected to put everything first at the same time. And if we do not give 110% thenContinue reading “I Think I have Burnout!! Now What??”

Quarantine Holiday Blues: A Personal Reflection

Written by Madalyn Brown, Contributing Writer 1/6/2021 My Story Many people, myself included, are finding themselves stuck in quarantine right now due to an increase in COVID-19 cases.  While quarantine is lonely enough as it is, it is especially hard during the holidays. While people still are not supposed to gather in large groups toContinue reading “Quarantine Holiday Blues: A Personal Reflection”

Panic Disorder: What It Is & What to Do

Written By Mili Dhru, Contributing Writer 1/5/2021 Every year, approximately 11% of Americans experience panic attacks. These sudden episodes of fleeting but frightening feelings are typically triggered by non-threatening and harmless situations but can cause a series of strong physiological and psychological reactions (Cleveland Clinic, 2020). People who experience panic attacks that occur frequently andContinue reading “Panic Disorder: What It Is & What to Do”

Do you know what month it is? Mental Wellness Month!

Written by Miracle Hawkins, Contributing Writer 1/2/2021 Along with the new year, Mental Wellness Month is upon us. The International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP) is an educational organization for insurance professionals. The IAIP designated the month of January as Mental Wellness Month. According to Rose Hill Center “Since the late 1940s, mental health organizationsContinue reading “Do you know what month it is? Mental Wellness Month!”

Affirmations: How to Hack Your Brain with Positive Thinking

Written By Raquel Nixon, Contributing Writer 12/31/2020 You have probably heard of the term “affirmations.” Especially as we are on the cusp of a new year, many healers and helpers are encouraging us to create intentions, affirmations, and mantras for the new year. But what exactly are affirmations? The idea of affirmations is based onContinue reading “Affirmations: How to Hack Your Brain with Positive Thinking”

10 Ways to Cope with Video Conference Anxiety

Written by Miracle Hawkins, Contributing Writer 12/29/2020 Starting in March of 2020, the CDC began recommending that Americans practice “social distancing” to maintain safety in the community. Shortly after, these recommendations turned mandatory as Coronavirus cases spiked all around the world. As a result of this, many businesses and organizations had to find new waysContinue reading “10 Ways to Cope with Video Conference Anxiety”

Minority Mental Health Awareness

July is: Minority Mental Health Month Also known as BIPOC Mental Health Month. As language continues to evolve, many people and groups are choosing to use BIPOC: Black, Indigenous people, and People of Color to acknowledge the unique mental health differences and needs of members of each population. It has been emotionally challenging and drainingContinue reading “Minority Mental Health Awareness”

How To Sit With Your Feelings

In therapy, we often encourage our clients to sit with their feelings. We therapist sort of throw this term around like it’s common knowledge. But the truth is, to sit with one’s feelings is a bold act of practice and trust for oneself. It’s actually no small practice. To sit with one’s feelings is toContinue reading “How To Sit With Your Feelings”

Grace, Grace

There are many definitions for the word grace. In therapy, we often talk about the concept of giving oneself grace. This type of grace is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency.” To show oneself grace is to simply be kind, courteous, and lenient onContinue reading “Grace, Grace”

Black Mental Health Matters

Many people call the widespread prevalence of Mental Health issues in America an epidemic, a crisis, and a state of emergency.  I agree.  Everyone feels the gravity of either struggling with mental health issues personally or having close relatives and friends who struggle with mental health issues.  Moreover, the statistics about African American Mental Health,Continue reading “Black Mental Health Matters”