Leslie Stevens, M.Ed., LCMHC


Saturday Morning Strategy Sessions | SMS Sessions

Do you feel like you are constantly on-the-go, but you lack fulfillment and self-satisfaction in the doing? The answer, my sister, is not to do more, but rather to do less! The SMS Rest and Restoration Session is a safe place for the busy and overextended woman to co-create tailored strategies to restore balance to her busy life. It is for the woman who has found herself on the proverbial hamster wheel of life and is ready to start setting her own pace. l The SMS Sessions are designed to help you regain calm in your life through an intentional focus on rest and restorative practices. In four SMS Sessions, I will help you to:


Embrace slowing down

♦ Honor the stillness

♦ Declutter your mind

♦ Cultivate mindfulness

♦ Create space for single-tasking

♦ Lean into rest


Through each session, clear intentions are set for you to honor your being and reframe you are doing identity. With each session may you grow to:


Be present

♦ Be open

♦ Be rested

♦ Be restored

♦ Be healed


I ask that you take this journey with intentionality and commit to four (4) SMS Sessions. The following sessions are offered in sequential order:


Dismantle the faulty system

♦ Deep dive schedule review

♦ Tools: Breathing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Contemplative Prayer

♦ Barriers, boundaries, and fine-tuning your practice


Taking steps toward your own mental and emotional health is an investment in you. These sessions are created with you in mind. I know that your time is valuable and that you will greatly benefit from these restorative sessions.


While all sessions will be held on Saturdays at an allocated time, the sessions do not have to be consecutive. We will work together to schedule the sessions on Saturday mornings that fit with your schedule. Click Register Now below to begin your your journey to restoration.