After education and encouragement comes empowerment.  We can gain better control of ours lives, when we feel like we can actually do something to effect change.

My hope is that this site is a place of empowerment for you.  Here I will provide you with tools for your toolkit to do life better.  I have had over 10 years of experience helping hundreds of people find the right tools to lead healthier lives.  I often tell my clients, you are the driver, I am simply guiding from the passenger seat. This means that they, and you, are responsible for the work.  When people put in their own work, which is an investment in themselves, they often see results.

Pop up to the empowerment tab to find on-point worksheets to help you work through your tough stuff. 

Disclaimer: The information displayed on this website is purely information and does not in any way substitute for mental health counseling with a trained professional.  Using information on this website as a substitute for mental health counseling is not advised.