There are tens of thousands of thoughts swirling around in our brains every day.  Many of those messages might be more negative or pessimistic in nature. The brain is more likely to hold onto those types of messages than the more adaptive, helpful, and encouraging ones. 

I find it unfortunate that some of us will go a whole day without hearing an encouraging word from someone. Even more disheartening is that with no encouraging words to support us, we may hear 10 or 15 actively discouraging messages.  OUCH!

I intend for this platform to be a place of encouragement.  I believe that all individuals are valuable, worthy, and enough.  Genuinely kind words have the ability to create a world of difference in what you believe about yourself.

Has anyone encouraged you today?  The encouragement tab above has scriptures, affirmations, and other soundbites to help give you that boost you need today!