Infusion Day

Went for infusion today. The nurses at the infusion center are really helpful! When this damnable evil attacked me, I was one of those people who 1) declared that Jesus would heal me 2) declared that Jesus would heal me through diet and supplements alone 

 and 3)after feeling horrific from weeks of my body being attacked and several interventions with friends, declared that Jesus would heal me AND I will take the meds AND I will change my diet and take supplements.



I’m not a fan of meds. I’m more so not  a fan of the big business that is made off of the meds. One infusion treatment costs the price of a car or a reasonable down payment on a house (pre-2021, another story). I also don’t want to be “sick” and in my mind, taking meds is an admission to the sickness.



Now when I was living fearful before the attack, I was taking upwards 10 types of vitamins and/or supplements per day. I was preventing sickness you see.  We see what good all that prevention did, but maybe I’m just a little cynical now. Currently I get my infusion, take digestive enzymes, ashwaghanda and GABA, vitamin D, another pro-biotic type strain, and the occasional multivitamin. The naturopathy doc encouraged me to try as best possible to get my nutrients from foods, so that’s what ya girl is trying to do.



Remicade has really been helpful.  A lot people are fearful, like I was, and swear against biologics.  Some have also known to cause Lupus in some patients, unfortunately.  I know others who have fought the good fight with a six to nine month treatment of prednisone.  Others have gone strict Specific Carb Diet and naturopathic remedies.  



When I started on this journey, with all of the other uncertainties, I didn’t have time or capacity for the other options.  Remicade will NOT be a long term solution.  I originally said a year, then I said a year and a half.  SCD has also been good to me, and I’m pretty hopeful about seeing my healing in the next couple of month.


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