Mental Health Awareness Month

Happy May good people! May is Mental Health Awareness Month! I could go on and on about the alarming statistics concerning mental health in America. But I think I’ll spare US the agony.

I do however want to drop some encouragement at your door. Life is tough and times are challenging for many people. All of us are facing “invisible” battles that others know nothing about. Behind smiles, laughter, and hugs, lie heart ache, pain, anxiety, loneliness, and voices that won’t be silenced. Even those who are the closest to you have issues that they will never breathe to you because of shame, fear, and guilt.

Let’s try our best to take care of each other.
Let’s NOT intentionally cause harm or abuse one another.
Let’s show up for one another.
Let’s accept one another, flaws and all.
Let’s respect one another’s boundaries.
Let’s open ourselves to real communication.
Let’s do the work to heal so that we don’t continually hurt others.



Published by Counseling With Leslie

Leslie Stevens, M.Ed., LCMHC is a North Carolina and Virginia board-certified licensed professional counselor. She co-owns a successful practice in Carrboro, North Carolina. Leslie specializes in helping adults navigate stress, depression, anxiety, and perfectionism. Additionally, she is a life strategist, spiritual coach, and writer.

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