My Healing Journey

July 23, 2021

I’m not sure the extent to which this dis-ease may have been in my body prior to its full manifestation, but I do know that the year that it fully manifested was a fearful year for me.  And not in an entirely “bad” way.  I led a pretty predictable life for about eight years.  I worked and served part time as a church, I worked in community mental health, I worked part-time in my own private practice.  I didn’t enjoy those years, I was depressed for a couple of them, but I had settled into it for comfortability. 

July 12, 2021

Went for infusion today. The nurses at the infusion center are really helpful! When this damnable evil attacked me, I was one of those people who 1) declared that Jesus would heal me 2) declared that Jesus would heal me through diet and supplements alone 

July 12, 2021

In graduate school I solidified my preferred modality of therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   Yes indeedy, it was logical, it was empirically sound.  It fit me.  I liked it.  Over the years I had a supervisor and some other therapists question it’s efficacy to work with most clients, and I could not for the life of me understand who all would not benefit from the “magic therapy.” I get it now.  Some people need to dig into their feelings more, some people need more

June 22, 2021

My name is Leslie, I’m introvert, and I’m NOT looking forward to the world opening back up.  Listen, there was a time (years ago) when you would not have known that I was an introvert. I could work a room, talk to every person there, and strike up conversations with complete strangers.  Over the years, however, the truer me has emerged — less performative, less concerned about what people think, less

June 21, 2021

Days after Christmas 2019, I started having some crappy symptoms. Literally.  I noticed traces of blood when I used the restroom. Four years ago I had the same issue, and miraculously it cleared up when I incorporated more fiber into my diet and began my vegetarian journey.  So here I was, with the same symptoms. I figured they would just clear up and subside, but after days 

June 2, 2021

I started working when I was 15 years old. I have held at least two jobs simultaneously since I started working. I haven’t always known the value of a dollar. My value was in making money, and since the age of 15, I purposed to do just that. I made many mistakes with money: squandered it, lost it, misunderstood it, went into debt despite having enough for all of my needs and some of my wants.