Boss Bullies

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer Bullying, as a term, might sound very high school-esque. But, bullies don’t necessarily go away just because you’re an adult. Workplace bullying is a completely real, valid issue that can be detrimental to our mental health and career confidence.  There are few telltale signs of a workplace bully. MostContinue reading “Boss Bullies”

The Art of Setting Boundaries

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer Boundaries are important for an array of reasons–both for keeping negative experiences and negative projections out and keeping emotional energy in.  Wellness culture loves the topic of compassion and empathy. Kindness, compassion, and empathy are incredibly valuable. Where we fall short in this discussion is how to fuel ourselvesContinue reading “The Art of Setting Boundaries”

Simone Biles: When Mental Health is Most Important

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer Considering the hype around our Olympics gymnastics team–and Simone Biles in particular–everyone at this point has likely seen Simone withdraw from multiple days of competition. An earth-shattering, vastly public, high-pressure type of withdrawal.  Gymnastics scoring is a whole other system all on its own, with a scoring system that’sContinue reading “Simone Biles: When Mental Health is Most Important”

National Hygiene Week: Where Mental and Physical Health Collide

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer July 5th–11th, was National Hygiene week! This might feel like an oddly specific week to have a national designation for, and for some, maybe it even feels superficial. But there’s a difference between selling beauty products and caring about hygiene.  First of all, hygiene and access to hygienic productsContinue reading “National Hygiene Week: Where Mental and Physical Health Collide”

July 3rd, Bereavement for Parents Day

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer July 3rd was Bereavement for Parents Day. Unfortunately, the experience of losing a child is more common than one might think and can manifest in different ways at different ages. About 50,000 children die every year (Rogers).  Psychologically, parents who lose children at middle age experience a maximum levelContinue reading “July 3rd, Bereavement for Parents Day”

Severe Mental Health Disorders: Recognizing the Signs

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer ‘Teen angst’ starts to subside in our early twenties, and we can emotionally regulate more effectively. Or, at least, that’s a general trend. In the growing national conversation and awareness of mental health, I’ve been exposed to conversations about depression and anxiety throughout my education. Many of my peersContinue reading “Severe Mental Health Disorders: Recognizing the Signs”

Naomi Osaka: Taking Care of HER Business

Written by Leslie Stevens, M.Ed., LCMHC This past weekend, Naomi Osaka, a 23-year old, two-time U.S. Open champion, made what I call mental health history. After being fined $15,000 and a looming threat to have her expelled from the tournament, Naomi withdrew from the French Open. What was all of this about you ask? NaomiContinue reading “Naomi Osaka: Taking Care of HER Business”

Kids Deal with Depression Too

Written By Raquel Nixon, Contributing Writer 5/24/21 Depression in children can often go unrecognized. Unfortunately, when depression goes unnoticed, it leaves little opportunity for them to get the treatment and support they need. Younger children probably will not recognize symptoms of depression in themselves. However, just because they do not recognize it, doesn’t mean itContinue reading “Kids Deal with Depression Too”

Stress & Anxiety Among Essential Workers

Written by Raquel Nixon, Contributing Writer 5/22/2021 Studies have shown that essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic are not only more susceptible to being exposed to the COVID-19 virus, but are showing increased prevalence for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety (1). The psychological distress brought on by their likely exposure to theContinue reading “Stress & Anxiety Among Essential Workers”

Depression: Making a Monumental Climb Among College Students

Written By Mili Dhru, Contributing Writer 1/14/21 College students are one of the most susceptible groups of people to suffer from depression; studies performed by organizations such as the American Psychological Association and American College Health Association show that roughly 35% of college students have reported feeling “so depressed that it was difficult to function”Continue reading “Depression: Making a Monumental Climb Among College Students”