July 3rd, Bereavement for Parents Day

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer July 3rd was Bereavement for Parents Day. Unfortunately, the experience of losing a child is more common than one might think and can manifest in different ways at different ages. About 50,000 children die every year (Rogers).  Psychologically, parents who lose children at middle age experience a maximum levelContinue reading “July 3rd, Bereavement for Parents Day”

Pandemic Grief: The Longevity of Healing From Tragic Losses

Written By Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer Grief throws a wrench in life regardless of when you feel it. There will never be a convenient time to lose someone, to attend a funeral, or to grieve. As a society, we often seek “closure,” which the American Psychological Association defines as “the act, achievement, or sense of completingContinue reading “Pandemic Grief: The Longevity of Healing From Tragic Losses”

Grief: You Can’t Just Get Over It

Written By Miracle Hawkins, Contributing Writer 1/16/21 According to the CDC “COVID Data Tracker,” there have been over 340,000 deaths due to COVID-19 in the United States. Sadly, this means that over 340,000 families lost a loved one during what was already an uncertain and traumatic time. This doesn’t even include the lives that wereContinue reading “Grief: You Can’t Just Get Over It”