What’s In a Plan

Having a plan can be really comforting. For many of us a plan provides a sense of security, certainty, and assurance. A lack of a plan can mean fear, uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety. Trusting in someone else’s plan can be just as fear inducing as not having a plan.  Even when that someone else isContinue reading “What’s In a Plan”

I Am Not Interested

Often times we use affirmations and mantras to affirm what we do want in our lives. When helping clients create them, one of my encouragements is to take out any negatives (no, don’t, not, won’t, can’t). But I have also witnessed the power what I will call rebuke decrees. I just made this name up,Continue reading “I Am Not Interested”


Visualization is a powerful practice that can be used in meditation. Visualization is seeing a picture in your mind’s eye and focusing on it. Like retraining your thinking and your self-talk, intentional visualization helps you rebuild your belief system. For those of us who get stuck in maladaptive thinking patterns and sabotaging self-talk, intentional visualizationContinue reading “Visualization”

Meditation and Affirmations

So, what’s all of the hype about meditation and affirmations? Both are powerful tools to help you on your mental wellness journey! The founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Aaron Beck, identified streams of negative cognitions or automatic thoughts as a source of depression. He helped patients identify and evaluate these automatic thoughts. After workingContinue reading “Meditation and Affirmations”