The Art of Setting Boundaries

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer Boundaries are important for an array of reasons–both for keeping negative experiences and negative projections out and keeping emotional energy in.  Wellness culture loves the topic of compassion and empathy. Kindness, compassion, and empathy are incredibly valuable. Where we fall short in this discussion is how to fuel ourselvesContinue reading “The Art of Setting Boundaries”

Perfectionism that Stems from Cultural Expectations: A Personal Reflection

Written by Mili Dhru, Contributing Writer 5/17/21 In a psychological context, perfectionism is defined as the “tendency to demand of others or of oneself an extremely high or even flawless level of performance, in excess of what is required by the situation” (American Psychology Association, n.d.). Even without a background in psychology or any prior,Continue reading “Perfectionism that Stems from Cultural Expectations: A Personal Reflection”

Feeling Burnout? Trace Your Steps and See Why

Written By Miracle Hawkins, Contributing Writer 3/26/21 As children, parental expectations play a major role in how we perform in school, on a sports team, or in a club or organization. When we grow older and begin to understand the ways of the world, we realize that our parent’s expectations were actually social expectations derivedContinue reading “Feeling Burnout? Trace Your Steps and See Why”

The Thing You Want to Leave in 2020: Hyper-productivity

Written By Mili Dhru, Contributing Writer 1/20/2021 It is hard to imagine a world before 2020 — a time time when the concept of social distancing was practically unheard of and wearing face masks in public spaces would provoke an exchange of suspicious glances from passersby. When word of the pandemic first started making internationalContinue reading “The Thing You Want to Leave in 2020: Hyper-productivity”