Feeling vs Looking Beautiful: Fashion, Perception, and Self-Esteem

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer Beauty as an industry can be a double-edged sword. As it turns out, feeling beautiful or being perceived as beautiful is connected to things like job satisfaction and overall happiness. When we feel beautiful and confident, and others perceive us as beautiful and confident, we are judged as “qualitativelyContinue reading “Feeling vs Looking Beautiful: Fashion, Perception, and Self-Esteem”

The “Snapchat Dysmorphia” Conundrum

Written By Raquel Nixon, Contributing Writer 2/2/21 Apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat have made communication and connection more accessible than ever before. In just moments we can find old friends, discover new ones, explore information, and find countless sources of education. But for every friend there can also be a foe, and for everyContinue reading “The “Snapchat Dysmorphia” Conundrum”