Stress makes a mess

I’m not sure the extent to which this dis-ease may have been in my body prior to its full manifestation, but I do know that the year that it fully manifested was a fearful year for me.  And not in an entirely “bad” way.  I led a pretty predictable life for about eight years.  IContinue reading “Stress makes a mess”

June 27th, PTSD Awareness Day

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer June 27th was PTSD awareness day, and June was PTSD awareness month! PTSD is complicated. Often, we solely associate being traumatized from war, battle, or massive, explosive violence. And it is certainly linked with those things. But it’s easy to forget that one in eleven people will develop PTSDContinue reading “June 27th, PTSD Awareness Day”

Post Pandemic Anxiety: To Do Or Not To Do, That Is The Question

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer It’s summer, the world feels like it’s opened up again, and many people are feeling back and better than ever! Not to make our long-awaited return to normalcy into a downer, but the transition back might feel like a bit of a bumpy ride for many. Depending on yourContinue reading “Post Pandemic Anxiety: To Do Or Not To Do, That Is The Question”

Entering Adulthood, But Feeling Behind

By Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer It’s grad season! For a time of immense excitement, it can also be one of great stress and anxiety. In the last years of any degree program, the dreaded question begins to pop up: “So, what are you going to do now?”  The phase from ages 18–28 is called “emergingContinue reading “Entering Adulthood, But Feeling Behind”

Mourning the Loss of Hustle Culture

Written by Leslie Stevens, M.Ed., LCMHC I started working when I was 15 years old. I have held at least two jobs simultaneously since I started working. I haven’t always known the value of a dollar. My value was in making money, and since the age of 15, I purposed to do just that. IContinue reading “Mourning the Loss of Hustle Culture”

Balancing Work and Family Life as an Adult College Student : A Personal Reflection

Written By Miracle Hawkins, Contributing Writer 5/27/21 So much is happening in the world right now and a lot of it is out of our control. Despite all the challenges caused by the pandemic, the clock continues to tick, and the world continues to revolve. I still must show up for work, I still haveContinue reading “Balancing Work and Family Life as an Adult College Student : A Personal Reflection”

Stress & Anxiety Among Essential Workers

Written by Raquel Nixon, Contributing Writer 5/22/2021 Studies have shown that essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic are not only more susceptible to being exposed to the COVID-19 virus, but are showing increased prevalence for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety (1). The psychological distress brought on by their likely exposure to theContinue reading “Stress & Anxiety Among Essential Workers”

Being A Black Woman: Dealing With the Pressure of “Being Strong”

Written by Miracle Hawkins, Contributing Writer 5/21/21  There are many narratives and stereotypical concepts that have been placed specifically on Black women throughout history. The two most popular are “The Angry Black Woman” and “The Strong Black Woman” narratives that have been consistently reinforced through film, music, and other media outlets. The Strong Black WomanContinue reading “Being A Black Woman: Dealing With the Pressure of “Being Strong””

Mental Health Awareness Month

Happy May good people! May is Mental Health Awareness Month! I could go on and on about the alarming statistics concerning mental health in America. But I think I’ll spare US the agony. I do however want to drop some encouragement at your door. Life is tough and times are challenging for many people. AllContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month”

Perfectionism that Stems from Cultural Expectations: A Personal Reflection

Written by Mili Dhru, Contributing Writer 5/17/21 In a psychological context, perfectionism is defined as the “tendency to demand of others or of oneself an extremely high or even flawless level of performance, in excess of what is required by the situation” (American Psychology Association, n.d.). Even without a background in psychology or any prior,Continue reading “Perfectionism that Stems from Cultural Expectations: A Personal Reflection”