Boss Bullies

Written by Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer Bullying, as a term, might sound very high school-esque. But, bullies don’t necessarily go away just because you’re an adult. Workplace bullying is a completely real, valid issue that can be detrimental to our mental health and career confidence.  There are few telltale signs of a workplace bully. MostContinue reading “Boss Bullies”

Remote Work and Technology Burnout: Is it you? Or is it Zoom?

Written By Lauren Abrams, Contributing Writer I hear the phrase “unprecedented times” a lot, nowadays. Throughout the pandemic, everyone in my email inbox seemed to hope I was “staying well during these unprecedented times.” I’m guilty of using the phrase myself! What the thinly veiled message behind the phrase is really saying is, “I recognizeContinue reading “Remote Work and Technology Burnout: Is it you? Or is it Zoom?”

I Think I have Burnout!! Now What??

Written by Raquel Nixon, Contributing Writer 1/7/2021 In this day and age, we see productivity as the bare minimum. Whether it is work or school or another sort of extracurricular commitment, it always seems as though we are expected to put everything first at the same time. And if we do not give 110% thenContinue reading “I Think I have Burnout!! Now What??”